9 unique Christmas outfit tips and ideas for families

9 unique Christmas outfit tips and ideas for families

9 unique Christmas outfit tips and ideas for families

It's almost Christmas! And you know what that means; gifts, Christmas trees, the festive spirit, and thee joy of being surrounded by people you love. There is so much to look forward to, not least of which is dressing up in fun festive outfits as a family. Here are a few Christmas outfit tips for families. 

1. Go for frocks and fabulous dresses

Christmas is the perfect time to dress your little ones in frocks and dresses. Delicate lace is a particularly popular choice; exactly what you need if you want them to look absolutely angelic. Velvet is also popular as it looks and feels luxurious. 

2. Be inspired by Christmas colors

You can choose to go for a seasonal color scheme as you choose your family's outfits. Here are some color schemes to try: 

  • All white: This is the perfect choice for anyone looking to evoke the feeling of a magical Christmas. Minimalist and powerful, you can also incorporate various tints and shades of white, including off-white and dove grey. 
  • White and red: A fresh and festive choice that looks great in Christmas photos! 
  • Black and red: Black and red might be a little unconventional, but they work really well together. You can combine simple tops with vibrant bottoms (or vice versa) to pull off a really festive look. 
  • Pink and green: If you are looking to give your little ones a glimpse into fantastical magical worlds this Christmas, this is the perfect way to do it.
  • Ombre: Go for tones of color that gradually shade into each other from light to dark for a rich, original look. 
  • Rainbow: A flamboyant choice that will never fail to stand out, especially in holiday pictures!

3. Stay warm and comfortable

Because Christmas is one of the coldest days of the year. This means you have to remember to stay warm even as you dress everyone up. For the best results, dress in layers, including: 

  • A base layer: This should be a moisture wicking material like polyester or silk. Avoid cotton tops as it absorbs moisture.
  • Middle layer: This is the insulation layer. It includes everything from sweaters to fleeces and sweatshirts. 
  • Outer layer: The outer layer is dedicated to blocking the wind, rain, or snow. For mild weather, a winter coat should work just fine. If you need more warmth, look for a water- and windproof shell, like a rain jacket.

When dressing babies, pay close attention to how they react to the layers you add or take off. For the best results, go for multipurpose outfits, such as our baby grows.  

4. Accessorize

Go for pearl bracelets, glitter clutches, and bedazzled basket bags that pair well with your outfits. Headbands are also a great way to get babies looking extra cute! 

5. Santa hats and cozy scarves

Santa hats are the ultimate way to complete a festive look. That bright red really stands out, and you won’t even have to think about your bad hair day. Plaid scarves or scarves with Christmas patterns are also great because they'll not only make you look festive, but they'll also help keep you warm as well.  

Other outfit ideas you can try out with your family

Need more tips to help you pull off that festive look? Here are a few more unique ideas you can try out: 

  • Dressing everyone in color coordinated or pattern-coordinated outfits
  • Having everyone wear adorable Christmas PJs
  • Picking out a festive outfit for the pet to make the Christmas photos even more adorable
  • Playing it safe with classic Christmas sweaters

Final thoughts

With these Christmas outfit ideas, you should be able to embody the spirit of Christmas this year. Do not be afraid to experiment with different styles, colors, and idea combos to create your own unique look that you'll remember for years. Merry Christmas! 

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